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For His Pleasure

RRP $15.99

A sensual tale about the risks and rewards of falling in too deep-and loving it.

Tired of living a lie, Arianna Perconti leaves her fiance at the altar and runs into the arms of her family's fiercest rival, Jason Stone. Hoping to cash in on their 'friends-with-benefits' arrangement while hiding out from bitter relatives, Ari instead finds herself falling deeply, desperately in love with the sexy hotelier. Jason is everything she never knew she wanted-yet she will do absolutely everything to show him she means business. In bed...

Jason lives in the fast lane and has the race cars to prove it. A born adrenaline junkie, he must admit that Ari is the perfect partner for his heart-pumping bedroom games. The problem? The relationship is starting to deepen, but is Jason really cut out to be a one-woman kind of man? The question haunts his days, only fueling the passion he and Ari share during those hot, hot nights. But when an estranged sibling enters the picture, threatening to take away everything he holds dear, Jason is forced to make a decision: Say goodbye to his wild ways or risk losing Ari forever?

A Million Guilty Pleasures

RRP $16.99

Two million dollars secured Noah Crawford the most enticing woman he has ever known... but at that price, can he ever afford to set her free?

Initiating Delaine Talbot into a sensuous world of pleasure took them both to the brink - again and again. But when Noah discovers why the beautiful innocent sold her body to the highest bidder, he s faced with the hardest thing he has ever had to do: set her free.

Lanie can t believe Noah would let her go. Doesn t he know they share a bond deeper than sex - a connection too powerful to sever? Not even a treacherous enemy out to destroy Noah or the dark secret haunting the multimillionaire can keep them apart. But first Lanie has to show him that he belongs to her, even if it means risking everything for a love that can never be bought or sold.

About the Author

C.L. Parker is a romance author who writes smut... and knows how to use it. She's a small town girl with big city dreams and enough tenacity to see them come to fruition.

Having been the outgoing sort for all her life - which translates to 'she just wouldn't shut the hell up' - it's no wonder Parker eventually turned to writing as a way to let her voice, and those of the people living inside her head, be heard. She loves hard, laughs until it hurts, and lives like there's no tomorrow. In her world, everything truly does happen for a reason.

A Book Of Simple Pleasures

RRP $39.99

This charming new book by Leigh Crandall is a collection of inspiring quotes, easy ideas for good living and stories from real people about the simple things they do that enrich their lives. The ideas and anecdotes will bring a smile to your face and serve as a reminder that when we stop to admire the beauty of everyday things - particularly the simple ones - our lives inevitably become fuller. This perfect gift book is divided into three chapters - Love, Live and Laugh and is full of ideas to help you take time to enjoy what matters most in life.

What's Your Excuse For Not Living A Life You Love?

RRP $18.14

Overcome your excuses and lead a happier, more fulfilling life

Are you stuck in a life you don't love? Have you reached a point where your life doesn't feel right for you anymore? Then this book is for you.

This is not yet another self-help book claiming to reveal the secret to permanent happiness. Instead, it helps you to tackle the things which have been holding you back and gives ideas, advice and inspiration to help you move on to a better life.

Don't know what you want? Scared of failure? Hate change? Worried about what others might think? This book will help you overcome all of your excuses and give you the motivation you need to change your life.

So what's your excuse?

T'is A Pleasure

RRP $18.99

Gracie, Mia and the two sisters Vicky and Sally Soon make themselves at home in the Hidden Manor and Marshalls Farm, Vicky is soon married to the owner of the Farm Amos Marshall, but he is a very ill man, she tends him as well as she can, and grieves for him constantly. When Amos her husband dies, she is overcome and afraid that she might have to leave the farm. That is a time when so many Irish men are looking for a way to stay in England. Vicky takes on a group of them, they are very hard working but she is amazed to find that three of them form a musical group they play their instruments and sing near to the public houses. Vicky houses and feeds them, but for a time they are earning their own money. Vicky falls in love with Paddy they have to be very imaginative to keep the Marshalls Farm. The name Marshall is a problem but they soon overcome that. There are many more problems to come they find that they have to be very clever with the truth.


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