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A Book Of Garden Wisdom

RRP $17.99

This title features organic gardening hints, tips and folklore from yesteryear, from companion planting to compost, with 150 glorious photographs. Tried and tested methods for today's organic gardener, helping to rediscover the wisdom born of an understanding of nature and the natural rhythms of the seasons.

It covers all types of garden, including cottage gardens, orchards, hedgerows, kitchen gardens and herb gardens, as well as a range of plants, from flowers to topiary. It includes traditional techniques for sowing, planting and harvesting, as well as age-old methods for controlling pests and diseases, feeding the soil and caring for tools. Practical projects include creating a bee and butterfly garden, establishing woodland bulbs, making a scarecrow, collecting your own seed, and growing fruit in pots. It also features many ancient folk methods, such as planting by the moon and companion planting. It is illustrated with 150 beautiful, inspirational photographs. The skill of gardening and nurturing the land is as old as time. For gardeners everywhere there can be no greater pleasure than watching a tiny seed thrive, and to witness plants blooming and fruiting.

This inspirational book offers practical advice for every gardener, whether your interest is in growing healthy vegetables, fruit-filled trees, a beautiful flower garden or a delightfully fragrant herb garden. The book contains a wealth of traditional gardening hints and tips, from understanding the importance of age-old crop rotation to creating perfect compost and feeding the soil. There is helpful advice on basic skills such as sowing and planting, and invaluable information on developing natural, organic defences against pests and diseases.

You can discover the folklore and wisdom of yesteryear to bring natural balance, glorious scent and stunning flowers to your garden.

Orchard, Lawn And Garden Guide

RRP $18.99

From the FOREWORD .

To the city dweller, the Suburban resident, and to all who only have a small piece of ground that you think worthless, wherever you may reside, should you be so fortunate as to secure this book, do not cast it aside, but study it, as it will enable you to make profitable and beautiful, that which has been an eye-sore and a menace to health, in so many instances "The Back Yard."

"If he who causes two stocks of grass to grow where one grew before is a public benefactor,"

What shall we call him, who causes vegetables to grow and flowers to bloom in places that before were unsightly and often- unhealthy, and at the same time becomes places of beauty, pleasure and pride.

I have known the compiler of this little volume for years, and it has always been his ambition to see the waste places beautified and the back yards become places of as much or more pride than the front, and with this idea in view this little volume is offered. Could you but see some of the transformations that he has wrought, you would exclaim why was this not done before. The compilations are not theoretical, but the result of practical experience and the instructions so simple that any intelligent person can follow, and get good results, as all technical terms are left out.

It is to be hoped that the efforts put forth will be the cause of much pleasure and profit to those who may. study its pages. Spend your spare moments profitably and pleasantly in following the directions herein laid down.

Roanoke, Va.

A Child's Garden Of Verses

RRP $13.99

A Child's Garden of Verses is a book of poems that captures the adventure and imagination of childhood. This book is a collection of his poems about the joys of author Robert Stevenson's (Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fame author, among other popular books he wrote) childhood.

Stevenson cannot simply sit quietly on a shelf. His works beg to be lifted and opened for new worlds to discover. As a child, he was lonely and ill and many of the poems in this collection for children exude that sense of isolation. This poetry book is so very simple, yet so very charming. The topics are all things that children would want to read about, which makes for a very fitting title. Stevenson explores the mind of a child so very well.

If you want a book of traditional poetry, the kind the politicians and educationalists and general old old persons are always complaining that no one reads or writes these days, this would be the one.

So beautiful and childlike, not in the simplicity of the poems but in Stevenson's incredible way of showing the mind of a child. These are poems for any child . These are poems of imagination and play. These are poems from a child's view point written by a man of great literary talent. These are poems you can read over and over to a child or read just for the sheer pleasure by yourself. These are poems of beauty and childhood.

This book is the favorite book of poetry for many, children and adults alike, and it has served many, many for generations and has withstood the test of time.

A wonderful collection and addition to your library, happiness and inspiration!

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The Oz Series

Book 1: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Book 2: The Marvelous Land of Oz
Book 3: Ozma of Oz
Book 4: Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
Book 5: The Road to Oz
Book 6: The Emerald City of Oz
Book 7: The Patchwork Girl of Oz
Book 8: TIK-TOK of Oz
Book 9: The Scarecrow of Oz
Book 10: Rinkitink in Oz
Book 11: The Lost Princess of Oz
Book 12: The Tin Woodman of Oz
Book 13: The Magic of Oz
Book 14: Glinda of OZ

Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Coanan Doyles
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Sign of the Four by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Open Boat and Other Stories by Stephen Crane
A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe
The Aspern Papers by Henry James
Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw

The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle

A Day's Pleasure

RRP $16.99

An excerpt from the beginning of CHAPTER I. THE MORNING.

THEY were not a large family, and their pursuits and habits were very simple; yet the summer was lapsing toward the first pathos of autumn before they found themselves all in such case as to be able to take the day's pleasure they had planned so long. They had agreed often and often that nothing could be more charming than an excursion down the Harbor, either to Gloucester, or to Nahant, or to Nantasket Beach, or to Hull and Hingham, or to any point within the fatal bound beyond which is seasickness. They had studied the steamboat advertisements, day after day, for a long time, without making up their minds which of these charming excursions would be the most delightful; and when they had at last fixed upon one and chosen some day for it, that day was sure to be heralded by a long train of obstacles, or it dawned upon weather that was simply impossible. Besides, in the suburbs, you are apt to sleep late, unless the solitary ice-wagon of the neighborhood makes a very uncommon rumbling in going by; and I believe that the excursion was several times postponed by the tardy return of the pleasurers from dreamland, which, after all, is not the worst resort, or the least interesting - or profitable, for the matter of that. But at last the great day came, - a blameless Thursday alike removed from the cares of washing and ironing days, and from the fatigues with which every week closes. One of the family chose deliberately to stay at home; but the severest scrutiny could not detect a hindrance in the health or circumstances of any of the rest, and the weather was delicious. Everything, in fact, was so fair and so full of promise, that they could almost fancy a calamity of some sort hanging over its perfection, and possibly bred of it; for I suppose that we never have anything made perfectly easy for us without a certain reluctance and foreboding. That morning they all got up so early that they had time to waste over breakfast before taking the 7.30 train for Boston; and they naturally wasted so much of it that they reached the station only in season for the 8.00. But there is a difference between reaching the station and quietly taking the cars, especially if one of your company has been left at home, hoping to cut across and take the cars at a station which they reach some minutes later, and you, the head of the party, are obliged, at a loss of breath and personal comfort and dignity, to run down to that station and see that the belated member has arrived there, and then hurry back to your own and embody the rest, with their accompanying hand-bags and wraps and sun-umbrellas, into some compact shape for removal into the cars, during the very scant minute that the train stops at Charlesbridge. Then when you are all aboard, and the tardy member has been duly taken up at the next station, and you would be glad to spend the time in looking about on the familiar variety of life which every car presents in every train on every road in this vast American world, you are oppressed and distracted by the cares which must attend the pleasure-seeker, and which the more thickly beset him the more deeply he plunges into enjoyment.

Flower Box Gardening

RRP $15.99

Are you interested in flower pot gardening? Do you want a step-by-step, easy to follow guide on getting started? Gardening is an art that depends on the skill of the gardener. There are various aspects in gardening that requires careful consideration. In urban areas optimum use of space is one of the major challenges for gardening. For this reason people are more interested in techniques like flower box gardening. Gardening techniques that save space and at the same time add to the aesthetic value of a home is well appreciated by modern homeowners as well as architects. Gardening flowering plants in small and confined spaces is an art that requires lot of effort and experience. For instance, certain plants need large space to grow and give flowers. In such cases, the plants are treated with organic fertilizers so as to boost their growth rate. Techniques like pruning are also a part of gardening that comes in handy when you have limited space for gardening. In this review we will be dealing with different aspects of flower box gardening.


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